What Tifa Lockhart sex doll is Known For

Tifa Lockhart sex doll, one of the three main female characters in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII, is a strong fighter with a soft side who may or may not end up with her childhood best friend, Cloud Strife.

Tifa Lockheart, a bartender who is also a skilled martial artist and an important character in the story, is one of three female characters you can play in Final Fantasy VII. Tifa Lockheart and Cloud Strife grew up in the same small town by chance. Lockhart has also appeared in a number of other games and media that take place in the same world as Final Fantasy VII.

A Sneak Peak into Her Background

Tifa sex doll was born in the town of Nibelheim. She and Cloud Strife shared a home for her first few years. Tifa and Cloud weren’t best friends at the time, but they did know each other. Tifa has always secretly liked Cloud, despite her best efforts, and Cloud has always liked her.

Cloud was more of an introvert back then, so he would keep an eye on Tifa when she was with a group of boys. Tifa Lockhart is very beautiful with an amazing and sexy physique. She has a full bust, brown eyes, and a dolphin-tail part in her long, dark hair.

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