Legal prostitutes in Mexico City today

In many countries, the government is still trying to combat prostitution, but the experience of countries such as Mexico shows that legalizing the prostitution industry is an effective and effective way to reduce some prostitution to disrupt the troubled economy. control. Legal solutions to this problem ensure that girls can work legally and without fear and receive social, legal, and judicial protection. The government not only controls the dubious aspects of sex work but also makes a huge profit from taxing escort girls. Therefore, even prostitutes confirm that the old profession is legal – one of the largest prostitutes in Mexico City told BORDELERO reporters in an interview.

Domestic receives expanded service in Mexico City.

PANDER statistics show that the world is growing significantly every year, regardless of the legal or illegal nature of the profession. To understand how young women live in this environment, our reporters decided to meet with an industry representative in the evening. This 26-year-old girl is called Sandra and has been providing sexual services for over four years. Externally, she is an interesting blonde with a well-built structure, but she is beautiful. Visit sites

woman – such a face is considered rare for Latin American customers.

Although it is shameful to be a prostitute in Mexico, Sandra chooses to call herself a sex worker; She thinks this sounds better and easier. The girl answers the question about the client reluctantly because one of the points of good personal work is confidentiality. Only after they reassure each other that they are not interested in personal names, the girl relaxes and start talking about it.

According to him, for 4 years I had to work with different clients – among them, there were quiet family men, hardworking men, and those who wanted to change women’s clothes. However, it is usually foreign tourists who come on holiday to explore the services in Mexico City. Unfortunately, putas often encountered inadequate men whose behavior was unnecessarily harsh. However, the legalization of prostitution in the country left the girl unsure of whether to call the police if things got out of control.

On average a person works with 3 to 5 clients per day; He doesn’t want to take on too many clients, so he doesn’t work too hard. Still, meeting many different people is not so tiring physically – and mentally –  every few weeks, the girl takes a short break for a few days, so she doesn’t want to. On such days, she relaxes by going to the spa and caring for her face and body. This type of relaunch helps integrate the new work plan to provide clients with a better atmosphere as an escort in Mexico City.   In terms of income, the individual says that the income generated is enough to find rental housing, a double room, and ‘another putana is a good pastime for women and necessary for all girls of her age. Since Sandra is a middle-class prostitute, her service prices start from $40 per hour. And since he is looking for clients on the site of a specialized online advertising service deep in Mexico City, does not have to bring much profit to the broker.

But the young prostitute does not plan to engage in intimate activities for a long time – when the man wants to connect in the future, other men will no longer have a place in her life. And the girl decided to devote herself to her former chosen one so that no silence would ruin their relationship.