How to Use a Rose Adult Toy

The rose adult toy has taken the world by storm since its debut on TikTok and subsequent reviews by users. It is a clitoral suction vibrator which combines sucking and vibration for blissful stimulation of the glans head of clitoris according to user reviews, providing orgasms like never before, pleasure, and sensations unlike any before – but is it all as it appears and how does it work?

The vibrator resembles other clitoral stimulators with its long and narrow opening that’s shaped like a spout, designed to fit around your clitoral glans and rest on a flat base. Its top portion, though, contains a suction cup-style opening intended to grip your glans head for vacuum suction while simultaneously vibrating; users report back-to-back orgasms as a result of its intense sensation.

How to Use a Rose Vibrator

Before using your rose vibrator, apply an ample amount of water-based lube directly on your glans and clitoral area. This will enable the opening to latch more easily onto your clitoral glans while mimicking natural body lubricants for a more satisfying sensual experience.

Once your lube is applied, spread open your labia lips and position a rose toy over your clitoris. Depending on how sensitive your hands are, further spreading may be required in order to get a good grasp on it. Once in position, gently press on it while wrapping it around your clitoral glans while pressing lightly along its length – experiment with all its unique sex angles and sensations before beginning exploration of its capabilities.

Some rose vibes offer multiple settings that enable you to adjust intensity and vibration patterns, while other toys, like the NS Inya Rose or Lovehoney Rose, have one button that turns on and another that cycles through its vibration modes; this way you don’t have to memorize all their functions!

Keep in mind that although these rose sex toys are made from medical-grade silicone, counterfeit versions may exist from less-than-reputable stores that simply claim “medical-grade silicone”. Therefore, only buy your rose sex toy from trusted retailers to guarantee you receive high-quality and body-safe product.